Feature: Revell Fokker Dr. I


I figured this would be the last Revell 1/28 Fokker Triplane I’d ever build when I started it back in 1998 (a thought reinforced with Roden’s 1/32 release of a Fokker Dr. I and the pre-production F. I).

 Actually, this particular kit got started back in the 1980’s by my friend J.E. Morris. He handed it off to me back in the early 1990’s after having done most of the interior and the engine. My focus centered on making the exterior as neat and presentable as possible.


As for technique, there is really nothing that any competent modeler wouldn’t do.

 The highlight of this particular bird is the painting and decaling. I’d run across a decent three-view of Fritz Kempf’s plane and decided that his personal touches would offset nicely an attempt at Fokker’s factory finish.


I found a can of Krylon turquoise blue that looked the part for the underside blue, and I sprayed Model Master USAF SEA Dark Green as the base for the upper camouflage.  The streaky-doped finish came from brushing thinned layer variations of dark green, olive green and buff.

Kempf’s personal markings started as photocopy enlargements of the three-view. Once the copies were to the proper size, I coated the back with 3M Post-It adhesive stick, laid then on a glass plate and cut out the letters to make stencils. It was a relatively easy matter to spray the resulting markings.


The horizontal stabilizer was painted white, half-masked and sprayed black.


The national markings are from the kit decal sheet, while the plane serial numbers were made with a computer, photocopier and blank decal sheet.


The propeller is the kit plastic part. After painting it tan, I used shims and a pencil to mark the laminations and paint them with leather-colored enamel. Grain marks were added with Prismacolor pencils, and the entire propeller was dipped three times in Future floor polish. The Axial company logos were hand-painted, and the hud was capped with a scratchbuilt prop hub detailed with Grandt Line nut-bolt castings.


4 responses to “Feature: Revell Fokker Dr. I

  1. Augie Wiedemann

    Beautiful work! I’ve completed two Revell 1/28 planes: Werner Voss’s F.I and Lothar Von Ricthhoffen’s Dr.I. Great scale to with!

  2. Very nice model. I have the same model made by dragon who i am going to finish soon.
    This is the plane of my grandfather so i have to put in a lot of work in the model.

  3. Great paint job! What about the machine guns? where’d you get them?

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