And for the beginning of another series . . . . Miminalist Modeling

Yes folks, Miminalist Modeling.

As a call center worker/student, I don’t have much time at home for model building.  Ironically, at my place of employment, I can’t bring textbooks to read but I can build models.

As a matter of practicality, I can’t use a Dremel tool or paint because or noise concerns and because you can’t even do detail painting let alone any large surface painting because of intermittent calls.

But one can still do the basic grunt work of modeling – cutting, filing, sanding, shaping, assembling – with a relative minimum of tools.

My kit fits in a Plano tackle tray module:

  • X-acto and blades
  • pin vise
  • tube of drill bits
  • files
  • cement
  • mini-clamps
  • super glue
  • dental pick
  • tweezers
  • steel engineer’s ruler
  • scriber
  • sandpaper
  • wire

A few packets of Evergreen strip, rod and sheet styrene stock fit nicely in my cubicle drawer, and I rotate kits in and out as I complete whatever work can be done.

You can see one sample of what can be done with basic hand tools and ‘copious’ free time. In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting little articles on a specific project that involved some one-off technique, intense application of some innocuous skill, or even something relevant on a new or old kit.


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